I’m a masseuse! A man gets the ‘bigger’ job

I’m going to tell you about a guy who’s just about to get his very first job as a massage therapist in Houston.

The guy is just one of a growing number of men who have been forced into a world of virtual massage parlors and erotic massage videos after being labeled as a sexual deviant.

These men face an extremely dangerous and stigmatizing life as they navigate a new world where sex is no longer viewed as a fetish, but as a legitimate activity.

They are the victims of a sex trafficking epidemic that is forcing them into an entirely new reality, and the repercussions are far-reaching.

They may have been born with a gift for massage but that gift has led to a terrifyingly lonely life.

In Houston, they have become the face of the epidemic.

According to a recent Houston Chronicle story , more than half of the massage parlor’s female employees have experienced sexual abuse.

In the last year alone, there have been nearly 1,200 reported cases of sexual assault and molestation.

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

The sex workers in Houston are struggling to keep up with the demand.

They have no place to turn for help.

And they don’t know how to help others when their friends, family and community aren’t on board with their ideas.

It’s been a rough couple of years for the Houston massage parluers, and I’m here to tell them that this is the right thing to do.

In January of 2018, the Houston City Council passed the Human Trafficking Victims and Their Families Protection Act , which will make it illegal to knowingly hire, promote, train, or employ a person for sex or any other illegal activity that involves sexual exploitation.

This will also help victims who have faced the most severe forms of sex trafficking by providing them with legal assistance, legal representation and support.

This legislation has the support of the Houston Chamber of Commerce and Houston Independent School District, which together have contributed more than $6.5 million to the Houston Human Traffickers Initiative since it was first introduced in 2017.

As a result, the city of Houston has been able to protect more than 7,000 people from the worst forms of human trafficking.

The first time I met the guy in person, I was terrified.

He told me that he had never had any sexual contact with another human being.

I had been a victim of sex-trafficking myself.

I had been the victim of sexual abuse by a family member, and when I came to the United States, I had the false impression that I was a sex worker.

He wasn’t.

I wanted to protect him from the consequences of his actions.

But the worst part of it was that he was in the middle of Houston, and he was being treated like a criminal.

He was under a microscope.

I was so scared.

I was like, what do I do?

I told him that I wanted to help him, but I was scared to say it out loud.

He told me he was scared of me.

I told myself, if you tell him to go away, he will, because he will be in the hospital.

I told him, I will give him money, I have friends who will help him.

I went to the local police station, and they said that I would be arrested.

I didn’t want to go, so I went to my sister’s house.

And then the cops took me into a room, and two officers, one of whom was the guy who had abused me, started to talk to me.

They were really intimidating.

I could tell that they were afraid of me because they didn’t know me, but they wanted to talk.

They told me, “Go to your room, there’s a nurse there, she’s here to help you.”

They took me to my room, where they asked me questions.

I said, “Who are you?

Where are you from?”

They told me I was not allowed to talk about my past.

They said that they had heard of this guy, and this is what he does to his clients.

I kept asking questions and they kept telling me, and then one of the nurses said, Oh, I think that’s him.

And she said, You are the one who is coming here for this, are you?

“The nurse said, What is your name?

And I said my name was Luis.

I have an uncle who works here.

I kept asking, “What is your job?”

They told us, “You are a massage parlator.”

I started crying.

I wanted so bad to tell him I was going to leave, because I wanted him to know that he is not welcome here.

I thought he was going crazy, but the nurses were very supportive.

They kept saying, “We will give you money.”

They gave me money.

I just started crying and crying.

They helped me get


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