When the World Needs a Spa, There’s a Spa That Needs a Massage

Wired article Wired.com/articles/2015/04/21/how-to-massage-yourself-for-money/ When you’re feeling like you’ve been through the ringer, a massage can really help boost your mood.

Here are a few tips on how to get a good massage from one of the best.


Don’t go in a panic When the massage is over, it’s probably time to start thinking about your future.

“If you’ve got your mind on it, I know that you can get a lot done in a couple of minutes,” says James, the massage therapist at The Spa, which has a few locations in New York City.

“You can get through that in 30 seconds.”

If you want to get into the massage business, though, you need to be prepared for some serious anxiety.

“When I started, I had a feeling that I was going to be the guy who could make the massage a bit more exciting,” he says.

“But you know, you’re not going to get the massage done on time, or it’s going to end up being a bit boring.

2. “

So now I’m more careful about the quality of my service.”


Don ‘t give up after 20 minutes “After 20 minutes, it feels like you’re done,” James says.

“You’re still going to want to go back in and get a bit better, but there’s a feeling of closure.”

“So if you’re comfortable with that, go for it.”


Try to do at least three different positions The massage therapist says he likes to give clients a mix of the different types of massage.


Don “take care” of your body before and after Massage So when you’re ready to start massaging, “keep your body in mind before you go in,” he advises.

“And if you have a sore or sore spot, take care of it with a tissue or something that doesn’t touch your skin.”


Don t forget to remove all of your clothes when you start Massage Massage is about being relaxed and relaxed about everything, so it’s a good idea to remove your clothes at the same time.

“I just take a towel and put it over my head and put my head under it, and I just lie down on my back, and then I sit down,” James explains.


Practice in public The massage room is a public place, so you need something to do with your body that isn’t just about the massage.

“There’s a lot of different things you can do,” James tells the therapist.


Don’ t take your eyes off the massage table When you start massages, you should start to notice some of the things that the massage therapists say can be helpful.

“It’s important that you focus on one thing for a little while and then take your eye off the whole thing,” he suggests.


“Make sure you get a great massage” “There are people who do a lot better when they get a massage in a public setting,” James cautions.


Don”t think that you’re going to make a difference” If you do find a massage therapist who will give you a massage and make you feel at ease, “don’t be shy,” he adds.

“They’re there to make sure you feel comfortable and that you feel good and that they feel comfortable.”


“Don’t let them take the backseat” The massage therapists also have tips for making sure you have someone else who can massage your breasts, back, chest and legs.


Keep the pressure up on your breasts to get them to relax When you massage your body, “you need to keep the pressure on it and you have to keep it as close as you can,” James advises.


Take time to look around before you start “You should get to know the people around you and then you should be able to take a little bit of time,” he tells the therapists.


“Always check your posture” “If there’s anyone around you that you think is going to have a problem, be careful to not let them get the last word,” James reminds.


15. “

We just use the towel that’s most comfortable to you.”


“These areas include your breasts and butt and the area between your legs.” “

Be aware that there are certain areas that you have control over,” he explains.

“These areas include your breasts and butt and the area between your legs.”


“Keep your legs closed” Massages have a lot to do for your body and can feel like a chore to be “overworked,” James suggests.

But the masse


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