What do you need to know about the US military’s new sex toys?

I had the chance to spend a few hours with a military sex toy manufacturer on Friday and Saturday, and while they weren’t exactly “massage” toys, they were definitely not “pussy” toys either.

I also got to meet a military official who told me they have “some really cool” products on the way and that there will be “some more in the next few months.”

That’s because the US is “a little bit of a niche market” for military toys, according to a US military official.

In a military world where many countries are selling things like “briefcase condoms” and “sex toys,” the US remains a big market, especially because there’s not a lot of foreign demand.

But military officials told me that the military is looking to expand its market.

“The military is really looking at the next generation of military toys and they’re working with a lot more companies,” said one US military source.

That includes the military’s own toy brand, which has been selling a “busty little guy” in the US for the past few years.

And that’s exactly what’s on the horizon.

US military toy maker Mattel is planning to bring back the “Pussycat” (named after its most popular toy, a real-life model of the female genitalia) in 2018.

That’s the first military toy Mattel will release since the Pentagon started selling them in 2015.

(The company has not yet announced plans for a second “Pee-wee” toy.)

The military is already making “more” toys in the military market, and the company has been making a handful of new models in the last year.

The company says it is in discussions with toy companies about making “a range of products that are specifically tailored to the needs of the military and our personnel.”

But the US Army is the biggest single market for military sex toys, and it is also the one where the military officials were able to confirm the “Busty Little Guy” was coming to the US.

Mattel’s plans for the “busting” toys are more in line with the military than most toy companies.

Mattels “Busting” Army has been available in the United States since 2015.

The military has a limited number of the products in its inventory, so the company can only make certain kinds of products.

But “Buster” toys seem to have become a popular item in the past year or so.

In November, the military said it had received about 2,000 orders for the toys.

But that number is likely a fraction of the total orders the company received.

So it’s possible that “Busters” toys were more popular than they were originally meant to be.

But even if “Bute” and other “BUST” toys aren’t the militarys most popular products, it doesn’t mean they’re dead.

“Butes” toys and “Pissers” toys have been available for years in other countries.

Mattelfast Toys was one of the first to make the “Kinky Kitten” toys that were popular in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

But it was Mattel that made the “Millionaire” toys popular in other parts of the world, and Mattel did so with the blessing of the US government.

The toy company says its “Buddies” toys will be available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

“Makers of the Butes toys have made significant investments in the manufacturing of toys in our US supply chain,” said Mattel.

“We’ve also been working closely with the US Department of Defense and the US Military to ensure that the Bute and Billionaire toys are safe, secure, and comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and best practices.”

Mattel also has its “Grow” toys available in other locations around the world.

And Mattel has released “Budgie” toys for the US Air Force.

But Mattel said that its “Pussies” and its “Smashers” toys would be available only to military personnel.

Mattell Toys, which is also in the toy business, also has “Bumpers” and the “Vibrator” toys.

The toys are made by Mattel in the company’s plant in North Carolina, and they were also made available to military members in the Pentagon.

The Army has “the largest single military toy market in the world,” and the military has been a “very popular target” for Mattel toys in recent years, said the US source.

Mattelle and Mattels toys have sold well, but they haven’t always been popular.

In the past, Mattel Toys has been criticized for selling the toys to children.

In 2012, the US Defense Department sued Mattel for not keeping the toys safe enough, and for selling them to minors.

In that case, the government found Mattel had


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