Why does your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend want to massage you?

You know, if you were married and you got to the point where you didn’t want to have sex anymore?

Well, then you could take a lot of the pressure off and just massage your partner, right?

The fact that massage therapists are all around us is proof of that.

But the more we know about how massage therapists work, the more it’s starting to make sense that there’s something a bit more involved than just a massage.

So what are the reasons why people want to try massage?

And what are they getting from it?

Let’s start with a little history, shall we?

How did massage become a big thing?

How has massage changed in the past 50 years?

And where does it come from?

In this episode, we’re going to take a look at the history of massage, and we’ll talk about what massage is, and how it came to be.

Why did it become a thing?

Well for one, we know that the human body is extremely sensitive, and the more that we massage, the easier it is to get those muscles and ligaments to relax.

That’s why some people feel like their legs and arms are aching when they’re doing it.

And there are a number of reasons why massage therapists love it, some of them good and some of those bad.

But first, let’s take a step back and think about how things really started.

It all started with a massage therapist in New York, who, in his book The Art of the Massage, talks about how he first came across massage.

When he was looking for a new practice, he thought it would be a good idea to do some research about massage therapy, and he went to a few massage therapists in New Jersey.

And it was all over the place.

There was one guy who was great, and another guy who didn’t have anything to offer.

And he didn’t really give you any information.

He told you all the exercises and the techniques.

And what he did, all of it was just an exercise in stretching.

You would just hold your partner’s arm and squeeze your fingers and squeeze their elbow.

And then you would go back and forth, and you would massage his body and massage his skin.

It was just nothing, nothing.

And so he decided that he was going to try to teach himself how to do it.

So he started with stretching and then tried some of the exercises he was learning in his own practice.

He didn’t do them very well.

He just didn’t feel that they were right for him.

And his wife said, “You know what?

It’s not going to work for you.”

And that’s when he came to the realization that he didn and had to find a way to do something different.

So that’s where he came up with massage.

And massage is really nothing new.

We know from ancient Greece and Rome that people used to do things like massage and the like to help them relax.

And the Greeks also believed that a massage was a way for the soul to escape from the body.

So if you had a massage, you were escaping from your body, and it was really a way of helping your body get into a more relaxed state.

And this idea has persisted through the ages, and massage is actually still used in ancient times in some Asian cultures.

It’s called a nasi (nail or wood stick) massage, for example.

And that is a lot like massage today, except that instead of your hand being the focus of the massage, it’s your body.

You’re just doing it, and that’s it.

If you massage someone, it feels a lot more natural than just sitting around and relaxing.

Now let’s talk about the different massage techniques.

There are some massage therapists who do really simple, very direct hand and arm exercises, and others who do more complicated, more hands-on work.

Some massage therapists do the exercises like a lot people do when they are doing other things.

But others do things that you might expect someone to do when you are doing something else.

For example, a lot massage therapists will massage your shoulders and maybe even your arms.

And you might think, “That sounds like a pretty good way to relax your shoulder muscles.”

But then you start to see how hard it can be.

When you’re doing a lot in the morning, you might be feeling a lot better, but after that, it gets really tough.

So you start doing a bunch of simple exercises like that and it starts to feel like you’re stretching your shoulder and your elbow.

But it can get really difficult after that.

So the more you do, the harder it gets, and then you can’t just sit there and relax.

You have to get back into the zone and do it all over again.

So there are different types of massage that people do.

There’s the simple ones


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