When you want to get a massage, but your partner won’t give you one

A woman who says she needs a massage after a relationship break-up has been offered one by a stranger on the internet.

Victoria-based masseur and massage therapist, Michelle Lee, posted on Facebook that she was “sick and tired of feeling like my partner doesn’t love me enough to give me one”.

Ms Lee, who runs the website Maitreya and who has worked with many couples over the years, said she had been dating her current partner, who she met through the website, for a year.

But after a period of “difficult times”, he moved out of the UK.

After the break-ups Ms Lee said, he asked her to come to the UK and “to do something with me”.

She said she was turned down, but that he “wasn’t the first one” who approached her.

She said the relationship was “really hard” and that he would try to “get it out” to her, but would not give her a massage.

She posted: I got this message from a stranger.

I think he knows what I need.

He’s an amazing person.

I had no idea this was a stranger’s message.

He even went so far as to ask if I needed a massage at the same time.

When I responded with ‘no’, he said he would “make sure” that I had a massage with him.

Ms Lee told The Telegraph: I was really shocked, because he’d said ‘no’.

I thought ‘wow, I’ve got to give him a massage now’ and then I thought, ‘oh my God, he really thinks that this is something I need to do’.

I felt like I was being blackmailed.

After receiving the message, Ms Lee posted on social media, saying she had contacted a lawyer and “I’ve got this guy coming to my house tonight”.

She also wrote: “I think he might have been trying to take advantage of me for his own benefit.”

She wrote that she contacted the lawyer and was told that she “couldn’t get the guy” to stop contacting her.

Ms Park wrote that the woman had not been able to contact the man, and said she wanted to speak to the lawyer about the matter.

She wrote on Facebook: I’m in shock.

He told me he didn’t care.

He said ‘don’t worry about it’.

He said if I go back to the United Kingdom, I’ll take him to the massage parlour and have sex with him then.

I’m scared for my life.

I just want him to stop.

He didn’t give me a massage either.

He also said that he didn “like the way I look”.

Ms Park said that her “ex was a very manipulative and controlling woman”.

She wrote: She was really manipulative and she wanted me to be happy with myself.

She didn’t want me to get married or have children.

She was controlling and controlling.

She had no regard for my wellbeing.

Ms Parks’ post has been shared more than 2,400 times.

Ms Johnson-Crawford told The Independent that “everywhere I’ve gone on the site and people have come in with a request to have a massage or to have sex, I never had any problems”.

“This has really hurt and I’m really upset about it.”

Ms Johnson Crawford said she “felt really scared” and worried for her safety.

“I don’t want to say I’m a victim of a crime.

I have a very good job, I have friends, I don’t need this.

She said that she would be contacting her employer to “do some homework”. “

But I feel very powerless.”

She said that she would be contacting her employer to “do some homework”.

Ms Johnson Crawford said that Ms Lee was “one of the nicest people” she had ever met and said that the person she had met was “a really nice and kind person”.

“She’s been through a lot and it’s really hard for her,” Ms Crawford said.

I feel like I’m being blackmailing myself.” “

It’s really hurtful.

I feel like I’m being blackmailing myself.”

She told The Times that Ms Park “had no respect for her own wellbeing”.

“I was really upset that this had happened to her,” she said.

Ms Crawf said that a friend of hers who works at a local bar was also contacted by Ms Lee and asked if she needed a “little massage” after a date.

Ms Crawford told The Guardian that Ms Johnson had never heard of the Facebook post and that she did not know the woman.

“This is a really strange situation,” she told The Herald.

“As a friend, I am shocked by what happened.

It’s a really terrible situation.”

‘It’s about time’ Ms Lee is seeking advice on how to deal with the situation.

“If anyone needs a hand up, they can call me,” she wrote on


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