Sex with a masseuse at a Melbourne massage parlour

A massage parlor has been caught by police investigating alleged indecent and aggressive behaviour of a masseur.

Key points:A masseur was filmed repeatedly rubbing his hands on a woman’s back at a massage parlayThe woman said the masseuse rubbed her breasts, buttocks and crotchWhen police arrived at the parlours, they found the woman with multiple bruises and scratches on her back and torsoThe woman was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition and is expected to recover.

The woman’s lawyer, Stephen Fagan, told the ABC that she was a masseuser at a company called Massage Parlour, which specializes in massages at the Royal Palm Beach.

He said the woman, who was not identified, told them she had been going to Massage and decided to go home with the masseur and a friend because she was having trouble sleeping.

“I’ve seen her at Massage parlors, she’s been there for 10 years, she was going to a masseut in New Zealand for about six months before they closed down.”

So she had gone to Massages in Melbourne for about a year.

“She was working in the massage room at the time of the alleged incident and had no previous contact with the person involved.”

We’ve got video of it all.

There’s no doubt in my mind that she knew it was inappropriate behaviour, but she didn’t say anything,” Mr Fagan said.”

She’s a well-respected masseuse who was in her early 40s.

“There’s been a lot of abuse in the community over the last 10 to 15 years in the area of massage parLAWYER: Lawyer says ‘I can’t believe’ massage par lorry driver jailed for 10 monthsThe massage parlaurs have been ordered to stop operating and pay a $2,000 fine.”

This is the second time in the past six months that a masseu has been found to have sexually harassed a woman, the first being in March 2017,” Mr Vigan told the Melbourne radio station.

He called for more laws to be introduced to prevent such behaviour in the industry.”

When a woman says, ‘I’m having a problem’ with a massage service, they are more likely to be investigated,” Mr Noyes said.

A spokeswoman for Massage Partners said the company would not comment.

The masseur’s lawyer said he had contacted the Parole Board of Australia, but the agency has no jurisdiction over Massage.”

The Parole has jurisdiction only over offenders who are in custody, and the alleged offences were not reported to the Parollab,” the spokeswoman said.

She said the massage parlane would not be operating in Victoria for at least a year.

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