A massage parlor in Chicago that sells ‘fake’ massage videos

A massage company is using a video to advertise its fake treatments.

It’s a tactic known as “chicamatic” and is popular with women in search of a cheaper and more intimate way to get their masseuse to work out.

A video posted on YouTube by the company “Lift the Massage” shows a young woman with short brown hair sitting on a couch with her arms around her boyfriend.

She then starts rubbing her stomach, chest and back, before sitting down and giving him a massage.

She sits for more than three minutes before returning to the couch and putting her legs up on the armrest.

After the session, she sits down again.

She’s now wearing her clothes and is wearing a white shirt and white pants.

Lift Massage claims on its website that it offers “the ultimate massage experience”, but a review on Yelp says it is a “fake massage” that is “extremely fake”.

“The only massage is when the client is in pain,” a reviewer wrote.

“When they have done their work, they can do whatever they want.

I’m not saying this is good for them, I’m just saying this makes them feel good.”

Massage parlors in the US and Europe have been criticised for advertising their services to women for money, as well as for advertising to men.

A recent survey by the National Association of Massage Therapists found that just under half of massage therapists and masseuse training programs reported being contacted by women seeking their services, and about one in four said they received unwanted phone calls or emails from men seeking their help.

In a statement to ABC News, Lift Massage said it had been “proud” to be featured in the video.

“It’s no secret that there are some massage parlours out there that advertise their services and make money off the backs of unsuspecting customers,” it said.

“We do not use our services for personal gain and we do not endorse or condone these types of business practices.”

In fact, we feel this video is one of the most important ways we can encourage our clients to explore alternative massage services.””

The video was shot in the comfort of our home, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to share our work with our customers and bring the beauty and healing that we offer to our community,” the company said.


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