Why I think you’ll love the new ‘Leg Massager’

It’s no secret that my penis likes to get all sweaty when I’m doing leg work.

It’s a good thing I don’t use a lot of pads when doing my leg work, though, because that could leave me with some extra pressure on my groin.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe while you’re trying to achieve a leg massage with me: 1.

Don’t use the pad when you’re really tired.


Don´t hold the leg massage while it’s happening.


Keep your legs open so that the pressure doesn’t get to your groin.


Be careful with the length of the leg massage.


Don`t be too forceful with the massage because the pad can leave you with some irritation.


Use a vibrator to help get you to relax and enjoy the feeling of the skin rubbing against your leg.


Donât overdo it because the skin on your leg might rub up against your chest and face while you are doing the leg work… but donât get irritated because you donâve had enough.


If you have a lot to do, be sure to be flexible with your technique and use your hands to help you relax.


If the pad has gone past your knees and your hips, take it off so that it doesnât interfere with your leg movement.


If your feet are tired, you can take a walk with your feet.


Don’t use a handgrip because it might put pressure on your groin, even though you have to be careful with your hands and the pad.


Don�t forget to stretch your legs before your massage.


It might be helpful to wear socks.

If so, you might want to consider getting them made.


If there are no other people nearby, try using a chair to massage your leg or a footrest if you don’t have a table.


Try wearing a leotard or a thong to relax your legs and get the same effect.


Try not to get so aroused that you get too hot, so be gentle.

If it feels too much for you to tolerate, take a break.


Try to concentrate on the feeling, not on the result.

If that feels good, do it again, but only if you are completely relaxed.

If not, take some time off and go back to doing leg massages.


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